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Audition Requirements

1.)  Two Octave Major Scales in these keys: C, G, D, A, E, F, B Flat, E flat, and A flat. These scales can be found in “Essentials for Strings”
        by Gerald Anderson. Tempo is Quarter note = 80bpm.  Play eighth notes, separate bows. Do NOT slur.  Do NOT play 3 or 4 octaves! I will ask
        to hear each scale. If you need this packet, ask your teacher. I have emailed them a copy of the scale packet.


2.)  A prepared solo of your choice.  Students should prepare at least 2 minutes of a solo, but not more than 5 minutes.  Please choose a piece
       that shows your technical ability.  You may play part of a slow piece and part of a fast piece if you wish.  Students auditioning for the
       Chamber I or Chamber II Orchestra should choose a piece that demonstrates their skill playing in 3rd position and above. Please bring a copy
       of your solo to the audition for us to keep.


3.)  Sight-reading.  You will be given a piece of music to sight-read.


8th Grade Audition Scheduling

1. Go to following website:
     Follow the instructions on the sign-up webpage for how to reserve a time. Please make sure that you double check to see if your time
was saved. If it was not saved, someone else will take it! If you need to change your audition for any reason, you have the ability to through the webpage.

2. Once you have completed the online sign up, email Mr. Chisum at (**) with the following information:
        A) Student name 
        B) Date/Time you reserved
        C) Parent name 
        D) Name of the intermediate school your child currently attends 
        E) Instrument your child plays 
        F) Phone number where Mr. Chisum may reach you quickly if necessary.  
(**)The gmail account is to serve as a backup to the website in case the website goes down for any reason.  If you have any additional questions, please e-mail Mr. Chisum at





The later dates tend to fill up first.  There are only 60 audition slots.  If the 60 audition spots fill, I will add times on Sunday, March 24th.  There will be no auditions after March 21st. If you wait too long reserve a time, all of the reserved times will be gone and you will be placed in the Philharmonic II Orchestra class for the 2020-2021 school year.


There are no auditions after March 21st.  Please plan ahead!

Auditions will take place at Clear Falls HS in the Orchestra Hall.

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your audition.

You will fill out an information form before you play.

We are on a tight schedule. If you are late, you will not audition.


DEADLINE to sign up for audition time is Saturday, March 21st. At this time, the sign-up sheet will close.


There are no auditions after Saturday, March 21st

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