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Frequently Asked Questions by Incoming Freshmen:


Can I participate in orchestra and sports at the same time? Yes, we have students in orchestra that are multi-sport athletes.


Can I take AP classes and orchestra at the same time?  Yes,  we have many students that are enrolled in multiple AP classes and orchestra.


If I play cello/bass, do I need to bring my instrument from home?  No. We have enough school-owned cellos and basses for you to use while at school.

I love music! How can I get more involved beyond orchestra class?  There are tons of opportunities for you to get more involved. Some of these include:  District and State Orchestra, Musical Pit Orchestra, Jazz Band/Ensemble and more!

Can I earn a letterman jacket In orchestra? Yes!

Does orchestra go on field trips or have socials? Yes!

How much time outside of class is required?  Chamber  1 and Chamber 2  orchestras rehearse 1 day a week after school.  All Orchestra students are required to attend all concerts.

If you have any additional questions email our director at

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