Welcome to the Clear Falls Orchestra!


I am thrilled to be a part of this incredible program. I know that this year is a transitional time as we all get to know one another. However, knowing your reputation for extraordinary work I am certain that we will continue to move forward with the great traditions that have already been set before us. Here is just a brief explanation of my philosophy of music education.

1. Working on music is a love/hate relationship. There will be moments of great joy and there can be moments of tremendous heart break. You may come off the stage after a fabulous concert with your friends, earn an award that you have worked months toward, or not be selected after an audition. Athletes deal with this on a weekly basis and usually have a healthier approach to competition than musicians. The study of music is a small reflection of our lives whether it is the amount of determination that we have or the way we dust ourselves off. We will talk a lot about this throughout the year.

2. I am competitive. I believe in setting goals in a manner that gives us a process for reaching the next level. To those who work toward auditioning for higher opportunities - GOOD for YOU! These are called personal goals. Even if you do not “make” it, you have come a long way in your development toward reaching this goal.

3. We should be in music because we value it and hopefully even love it.

4. My list actually goes on and on as I have chosen to live my life dedicated to students and music education and I look forward to sharing more with you over these next few years.


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