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Knight Orchestra,

Many of you have been asking me about orchestra camps or telling me about some of your favorite camps from last summer.  You can find incredible camps at every university with a major music program.  To make it a little easier, I have a few below that I would like to recommend to you.  All of these camps have rave reviews! For those of you who are auditioning for Region Full Orchestra or All State next Fall please here me when I say “GET YOURSELF TO AN ALL STATE CAMP!”  Yes, I may have yelled that.  There is a reason that the audition music is published in May.  The competition is steep at our Region level and the All State Level is even more difficult.  The summer programs are rich with college professors and symphony members to teach you.  When you surround yourself with other highly motivated students it will help you reach your goals.  You will find that most colleges are really trying to recruit you.  You will not need to worry about feeling pressure.  They want you to like them!

Special note about MWROC:  We already have several students attending this camp.  It is in Kansas City and is the only camp like it in the country.  Mark Wood, Electric Violinist of the Trans Siberian Orchestra, has created this camp as a way for spirited string players not only to enjoy rocking out but to experience improvisation, sound effects, loopers, and rhythm playing.  I have a special promo code if you would like to join us.  I am the Executive Director of the camp and will be happy to tell you more about it. 


Texas All State Camp Katy, TX not overnight 

STRONGLY recommend for those auditioning for Full Orchestra Region next Fall.

August 6th-9th


Baylor All State Orchestra and Band Camp

June 17th-23rd


Stephen F Austin State University School of Music

July 8th-13th



University of North Texas Double Bass Camp

June 19th-22nd


Clear Creek CELLO Camp

Executive Director: Sara Styskel

Teaching: Brady Meyer, Diana Frazier & more...

July 9th-13th

Bay Area Chamber Music Festival

Bay Area Youth Symphony & Clear Lake Chamber Ensemble in partnership to provide this great experience

July 30th-August 3rd


MWROC:  Mark Wood Rock Orchestra Camp

My Personal favorite!  Don't expect to be working on classical music at this one!

July 9th-15th


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